NFC Standing Resolutions

ByLaws & Articles (Original)

*** Ratification of the following resolutions was received at the 2014 annual membership meeting

May 27, 2008:

Allows for a less-strict (and less expensive) financial audit of NFC accounts. View Changes


January 31, 2009:

Creates a more lenient environment for members whose participation in NFC has lapsed and who would later like to return to active membership in the cooperative. View Changes


February 10, 2012:

Renames some of the board officers, splits the duties of the secretary-treasurer into two separate positions, creates a new CIO officer, and defines duties of the new positions. It also removes some language pertaining to the general manager, manager of account, and manager concerning employees, which can otherwise be established by the board as needed. View Changes


January 26, 2013:

Explicitly allows the NFC board to transact business and cast votes through electronic methods, including phone conferences and email. View Changes


September 8, 2014:

Enables non-NFC members to serve on the advisory board. Previously this position was restricted to voting members only. View Changes

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