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Meats & Poultry Pork-Quarters

Clear Creek Organic Farms

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8384 2 1/4 Soy Free Organic Pork
$7.93 / pound All Natural frozen
We will be running some of our hogs through our state inspected processing plant here on the farm over the next couple of weeks. We will be selling by quarters, each 1/4 will be approx 40-50lb of meat.

Our hogs are all 100% soy free, organic & pasture raised.

These are what you can expect to see in the standard cuts....
3-5pkg Boneless Chops
1 Boneless Loin Roast (If you prefer chops or loin instead of both leave a comment in the notes)
1-2 Shoulder Roasts
1 Fresh Ham Roast
2-3 Ribs (Spare & Baby Back)
10-12lb Breakfast Sausage
10-12lb Ground Pork

Price is for hog & processing.
Order number of pounds. You will be billed for exact weight (between 35.00 and 55.00 pounds)