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Meadowlark Hearth

About Meadowlark Hearth :

Grew up in Scottsbluff, left for 37 years to learn about organic and bidoyanic (R) farming. Determined to make sure our farm became a resource adhering to organic/biodynamic farming, we certified it by 2009 and returned then to take on the operation in 2010.

General Practices:

certified organic and Demeter certified Biodynamic (R) farming and gardening.


seed cataolg of our varieties. All of the


Most of the seeds are grown on our farm, a few are grown by 5 other farmers who are doing biodynamics in this country. We also bring in some of the varieties from the two German and Swiss biodynamic/organic seed companies because those seeds are amazing varieites with flavor superior to the many of the open-pollinated varieties avaialble in this country. Most of the varieities that we bring in have been trialed at our farm or farms in this region.

Product Types:

organic seed, internships, training for Nebraska young people to go into organic seed growing.
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Meadowlark Hearth

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5428 3 Vegetable seed catalog, organic and open-pollinated
Production not specified non-refrigerated
Our catalog is now available online! Check it out at: See our list of vegetable seeds, regionally grown and 90 percent regionally trialed from the high plains of Nebraska. Seed is certified organic and Demeter certified Biodynamic.
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