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Looking Glass Farms

About Looking Glass Farms:

I started raising meat and produce to provide my family with healthy food.

General Practices:

All our products are antibiotic, hormone, preservative, dye free.


The jams, jelly and fruit syrups contain fruit, sugar, pectin and lemon juice. Our chickens are allowed to run free in an alfalfa patch all day, every day.
The hogs have a large shaded pasture area

Product Types:

pasture raised chicken, pork, jams, jelly, fruit syrups.
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Looking Glass Farms

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7872 1 Buffalo Plaid Wilderness Coaster Set
$10.60 / set Production not specified non-refrigerated
This is a 4 set of tile coasters with cork backing. Each coaster is 4 inches by 4 inches.
Order number of coasters.