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Magill Farms LLC

About Magill Farms LLC:

We are a family and veteran owned business. We are home grown by heroes certified through the Farmer Veteran Coalition. We started raising Angus cattle in 2011 in Ashland Nebraska. Our philosophy is that people should know how and where their food is raised, and we like to treat our customers like family not just a number.

General Practices:

Our cattle are raised on grass until they reach a certain weight (usually 1.5 years old). They are then finished on corn grain and alfalfa. Our cattle are kept comfortable throughout their entire lives. We do not administer hormones and only use antibiotics judiciously when it is in the best interest of the animals health (i.e. sick or bloat preventing). We do not mass treat animals with antibiotics or hormones. If for any reason an animal is treated for sickness it is documented and marketed differently so it is known what has been given in terms of medical treatments. Our eggs are from free range chickens and ducks. Our goats are raised on pasture and finished on grain. We do not use any herbicides or pesticides on our asparagus plants. Our peaches do require some extra help to protect them from bugs though.


We raise beef year round and send a few finished animals in every couple of months. Our asparagus and peaches are seasonal. Our meat goats are available on a limited basis right now. We recently added this option to our product list.


Beef- Fed corn grain, dry corn distillers grain, alfalfa, and protein supplement with bloat reducer (for animal well being). Free Range Chicken and Duck Eggs Aspargus Peaches Our goats are fed similarly to the cattle but do not receive a bloat guard supplement.

Product Types:

Grain Fed Angus Beef- 1/4's, 1/2's, Wholes, Asparagus, Peaches, Free Range Duck Eggs, Free Range Chicken Eggs, Goats
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Meats & Poultry Beef

Magill Farms LLC

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7806 1 All Natural Grain finished freezer bundle for December delivery
$7.48 / pound minus  $100.00 / eighth All Natural frozen
This December bundle will include ribeyes, t bones, burger, roasts, organ meats and dog bones (upon request). Our beef is grain finished naturally for a bold flavor, juicy melt in your mouth texture and tenderness.

We raise all of our beef right in Ashland NE and they are fed a healthy ration of corn, alfalfa, and a protein and mineral supplement. We do not use growth promoting hormones or intervenous or mass treated antibiotics. The cattle we raise spend most of their lives eating native grasses and legumes and in the final 4-5 months they are kept comfortable and fattened on the corn ration mentioned above.

If you have never had a good naturally finished corn fed beef you will be amazed. The beef is USDA inspected at the Wahoo Locker. The beef dry ages for 14-21 days prior to processing which increases the flavor and tenderness of the meat. When purchasing beef from companies such as Omaha steaks you get a wet aged product which does not have the quality like dry aging.

The total amount of packaged product you will receive in the bundle will vary based on the weight of the animal. Typically the freezer bundle will be about 70 pounds of packaged delivered product. This is less per pound than a ribeye or prime ground in the store. Not to mention you know where it is from and that it came from one farm and one animal.

This product requires a $100 deposit to secure your order. Please see the deposit for December delivery item we have listed. The cost of processing is included in the final per pound price and the deposit will go toward the final total.

To read reviews from our satisfied customers about our beef check out our facebook page @magillbeef.
Order number of eighths.
Meats & Poultry Beef-Quarters

Magill Farms LLC

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7784 1 Grain Finished Angus Beef 1/4 for December Delivery
$4.85 / pound minus  $200.00 / quarter 80% Natural frozen
Naturally raised grain finished Angus beef 1/4. Our Angus beef is very juicy, tender, and has a rich grain finished flavor. There is a better flavor and texture to grain finished beef compared to grass finished. You can really taste the difference!

Our Angus beef is responsibly raised and hormone free. Your custom or basic cutting order is performed by the USDA inspected Wahoo Locker in Wahoo NE.
A typical quarter of beef will include steaks, burger, roasts, stew and fajita meat, bones for dogs, and liver and other organ meats upon request.
A quarter usually weighs about 200-250 lbs hanging weight and includes basic custom processing.
The price per pound is based on the hanging weight. The total will be calculated once the animal has been received at the locker and includes basic custom processing. For specific processing, arrangements can be made through Magill Farms and Wahoo Locker.

Discounts are available for larger orders and will be applied toward the final balance.
Arrangements for pick up directly from the meat locker can be made since the size of the orders are quite large.

This product requires a $200.00 per quarter reservation (listed as reservation for beef 1/4). This order will be for December delivery.
Order number of quarters. You will be billed for exact weight (between 200.00 and 250.00 pounds)
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7756 1 Reservation for Beef 1/4
$200.00 / reservation 80% Natural non-refrigerated
This is the Reservation for 1 beef 1/4. The reservation goes toward the total price of the beef and will be reflected in the final total.
Order number of reservations.