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Al-Be Farm

About Al-Be Farm:

We began our foray into animal farming with our heritage chickens - Rhode Island Reds. This dual purpose breed is more commonly known for its brown eggs, but we raised cockerels. Our "chick-boys" were raised on non-GMO and transitional grain feed from Wattermann Family Farm. When old enough, they were placed on non-sprayed pasture and moved daily. We are now trying a wider variety of heritage breeds, to determine which ones perform best in our situation. Because we have lots of predators, including the neighbor's dog and our own dog, we kept them in a chicken tractor, so they are not truly free-range birds.

We chose these heritage breed birds to raise due to their flavor and to support diversity in agriculture. If you want to learn more about heritage breeds, go to

Heritage chickens take longer to reach "market weight" than modern broilers and, therefore, are not as tender as the chicken we are accustomed to cooking today. This means we have to relearn some of the techniques our parents and grandparents knew. Here is a link to information for cooking with heritage meat birds:

We also have raised ringneck pheasant and various types of quail, using the same practices as for the heritage breed chickens.

Additionally, we have laying quail (give quail eggs a try - we love them!) and are foraging various plants on our acreage. We use ethical foraging practices.

We welcome any feedback you have for us!

General Practices:

Our birds are moved to fresh pasture daily and fed non-GMO and transitional grain feed from Wattermann Family Farm. This feed is non-medicated and we do not use antibiotics unless required for the health of the animal.

Product Types:

Heritage breed chickens; specialty fowl; chicken and quail eggs
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Household Supplies Home Decor & Accents

Al-Be Farm

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8023 1 Hand-crocheted dish/washcloth - 100% cotton
$7.40 / each Production not specified non-refrigerated
This is a hand-crocheted dish or washcloth made from 100% cotton yarn. Beth makes these in a variety of colors and they range in size from 8" square to 11" square.

They require no special treatment and are softer if you machine wash and dry with your other laundry. They are meant for use!

Please leave a message if you desire a particular color or size.
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Recreation Backyard and Camping

Al-Be Farm

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7782 3 Homemade fire starters
$1.33 per package of 4 starter Production not specified non-refrigerated
Our 14-year-old made these fire starters by recycling fiber egg cartons, sawdust, dryer lint and leftover candles. They are very handy to have on hand for campfires, fire pits and other places you need a reliable way to start a fire. They burn for several minutes - long enough to allow most fires to catch.

You will receive a package of 4 starters
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Vegetables Greens and Lettuces

Al-Be Farm

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6366 2 Foraged catnip
$3.90 / bag All Natural refrigerated
This year, we are offering catnip foraged from our acreage. They have not been sprayed and are harvested using ethical foraging practices. They have been triple-rinsed.

Each bag contains approximately one half-pound of catnip.
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