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Thistle Root Farm
Lyons, NE
Burt County
Product Types: Grassfed lamb, free-range eggs, apples, other fruits & vegetables, and other items

About Us
Thistle Root Farm is a small farm near Lyons, Nebraska with about 6 acres of pasture and 6 acres where the house, out-buildings, grove and gardens sit. Crops include grass-fed lamb, eggs, garlic and other fruits and vegetables.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
First and foremost, we rely on good management and prevention. We use rotational grazing to promote the health of both our pasture and our animals. We are not certified organic, but our practices are generally organic.

If an animal becomes sick, we will treat it with limited medication and lots of personal attention for their welfare. Most of our animals have never received any medication and we will not sell animals that were treated without full disclosure. We do not use hormones or steroids.

We do not use herbicides or pesticides on the farm.

Additional Information
See our producer questionnaire for more information. Feel free to ask us any questions you have!

Meats & Poultry — Lamb - Grassfed and Finished
Meats & Poultry — Lamb - Grassfed and Finished
Ordering is currently closed #3936 – Whole Lamb - Reservation for January 2017
1 more lamb available. Order number of lambs.
Lock in your lamb for January 2017 delivery now - I sell out every year. With this purchase you make a $75 deposit to secure your lamb. The balance is due at slaughter. This great-tasting lamb is pasture-raised and high in omega-3s.

Your actual cost will be $4.95 per pound hanging weight. A 100 pound lamb will have a hanging weight of about 40 pounds and a cut weight (meat in your freezer) of about 25 pounds. The total cost is around $200 for the lamb.

You also pay the butcher directly about $60 for processing. You will choose exactly how the lamb is cut, and can expect a mix of cuts such as roasts, steaks, stew meat and ground lamb.

Your deposit is a credit toward your final cost. Please contact me if you have any questions.
All Natural
$75.00 / reservation