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Prairie Pride Poultry
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About Us
Hello! My name is Dan Hromas. I started Prairie Pride Poultry in 2013 with a mission to provide healthy, farm fresh, eggs to consumers, to share interesting facts and information about the "Incredible Edible Egg," and to foster an environment whereby everyone can feel welcomed at, and connected to, the farm. Prairie Pride Poultry is situated on fifteen acres of pasture just southwest of Grand Island, Nebraska. The farm prides itself in the humane treatment of the flock...after all, "happy hens lay healthy eggs." I started this farm simply because I love chickens. I've been around agriculture all my life, and one of my fondest memories was visiting Grandpa and Grandma's farm in North Dakota as a child, where (among cattle and pigs) they had was an "Easter egg" hunt everyday my family and I were there! After graduating high school in Lincoln, Nebraska, I enlisted in the military. During my time in both the Marine Corps and Army, I've been all over the world. And one common thing I saw was that people enjoy eating. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to eat healthy, wholesome food. In 2012, I joined the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society. I am also a member of Buy Fresh Buy Local and am Homegrown By Heroes certified.


Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Prairie Pride Poultry's standards and practices are conducive to a happy and healthy flock. The chickens are treated humanely. I do not cage them; they free-range on pasture. I supplement the flock's "pasture diet" with feed that does not contain any chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts. There are three coops that can be moved around the acreage, each one having plenty of floor area, roosting space, and nesting boxes.

Dairy and Eggs — Eggs
Dairy and Eggs — Eggs
Ordering is currently closed #5409 – FARM FRESH, CAGE-FREE/FREE-RANGE [LARGE] BROWN EGGS
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Hello, and welcome to Prairie Pride Poultry. My name is Dan Hromas, and I started my small poultry farm in 2013 with a mission to provide healthy, locally sourced, farm fresh eggs. Located southeast of Grand Island, NE, the chickens are raised on 15+ acres of pasture. My farm's holistic core is the belief and practice of humane treatment of the flock...after all, HAPPY HENS LAY HEALTHY EGGS!

These free-range, cage-free eggs are GRADE A LARGE (2 - 2.25 ounces; cooking volume = 3.25 Tbsp). LAYER RATIONS DO NOT CONTAIN ANTIBIOTICS OR HORMONES.

FYI, the farm became the first in Nebraska to be certified "Homegrown By Heroes," a national program that identifies those products which come from producers that are military veterans; I served in the Marine Corps, Army and Nebraska Army National Guard from 1995-2015. If you are a military veteran in agriculture, or know someone who is, feel free to contact me and I can give you some useful information, to include grant opportunities and planning resources from the Farmer Veteran Coalition and other entities.

Nebraska egg/packing number is: N3815

Food Safety Plan is available upon request.

Feel free to visit the farm on Facebook to see pictures and updates (transparency and connection to the consumer is important):

Twitter @prairiepoultry
All Natural
$5.20 / DOZEN
Meats & Poultry — Pork
Meats & Poultry — Pork
Ordering is currently closed #7109 – GROUND PORK LARD - NOT RENDERED FAT
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Hello, and thank you for viewing my listing. The non-rendered ground pork lard comes from barrows raised here at Prairie Pride Poultry, located south of Grand Island. It was processed under USDA inspection at Wahoo Locker.

The hogs dine on grass, garden plants, pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, alfalfa hay, bread and other treats. I do not use antibiotics or hormones!

I invite you to visit my farm's Facebook page at

Follow the farm on Twitter @prairiepoultry
All Natural
$2.00 / pound