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Fox Crossing Farm
402-297-3248 (cell)
Product Types: Heirloom vegetable plants, specialty greens, vegetables, herbs, perennials, shrubs, and trees as available.

About Us
Fox Crossing Farm started by growing perennials to support the Veteran’s Memorial Garden in Garfield Park/Plattsmouth. As many coop members our family has been on a journey to improve our health. While doing so we learned to appreciate good raw greens and fresh vegetables. Four years ago I started selling bedding plants through the coop. This past season after losing the crop it was decided to put the year's energy into building a high tunnel. It will be finished this spring providing shelter to harden off the bedding plants helping to create a better quality product. The addition of a high tunnel will also allow a protected environment for growing vegetables and specialty greens. As time allows, including the creation of a Certified Kitchen additional products may be added. As ever Living to Learn, Learning to Change, Changing to Live

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Potting plant mixes are made on site. This year we are starting with using potting blocks which means we are incorporating many items in the mix to get the seeds off to a good start. Peat mixed with coco-coir, fertilizer blending green sand, azomite, & rock phosphate just to name a few. All of which are "natural" or organic in nature to provide the nutrients to give all of the plants a great beginning. Our mulch is created from old trees on our acreage and aided by black nursery fabric they will help control weeds. Drip hoses, timers, and hand watering are irrigation practices. We are currently transitioning to organic seed and believe strongly in using Heirlooms as much as possible. Seed is saved as time allows, The propagation of Nebraska native trees, shrubs and plants, is highly encouraged. Additionally I have taken GAPS training in food safety.

Highlights this Month
The few crops that were planted in the high tunnel have finally matured to the point of being able to harvest. I am transitioning to using potting blocks for seed planting and am running a little behind getting off the ground. But so is the weather it seems. Looking forward to a year of continued learning while improving product quality.

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