Active Producers

Only coop producer members with products to sell this month are listed on this page. For a complete listing of the producer members, irrespective of the current status of their product offerings, click here for a complete listing of producer members.

Not from this region? Don’t despair. Many of these producers are ready and able to ship their products to you, including frozen meats! Please contact the producers directly about the shipping policies.

Producer Name (Click on name) Types of Products Available for Sale
American Lean Beef, LLC 100% Grass Fed Lean Longhorn Beef (8 products)
Bennington Bountiful Free range eggs, free range duck eggs, Grass fed lambs by the half or whole, goat's milk soap (3 products)
Bluff Valley Farm Natural Meats Naturally-grown beef, lamb, and free-range pastured poultry. Possibly free-range eggs, when available. (20 products)
Branched Oak Farm LLC Artisan, farmstead cheeses, made from certified organic Jersey cow milk. Cheese varieties: quark, gouda, mozzarella, jarlsburger. (8 products)
Carritt Patch aronia berries, eggs, carrot aronia muffins and other old time favorite foods and baked goods (17 products)
Chisholm Family Farm soy-free eggs, soy-free pastured poultry, soy-free pastured turkeys, soy-free pastured pork, grass-fed, grass-finished beef (13 products)
Clear Creek Organic Farms flavored cheese, goat meat, vegetables, (radish, turnps, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower, peppers (10 products)
Common Good Farm certified organic eggs, pastured pork & grass fed beef, certified organic & Biodynamic® produce...over 40 different produce items grown. Bedding plant (1 product)
Cook Grow Sew Seasonal Vegetables (over 40 varieties and majority are heirloom), Herbs, Dried Peppers and Apples, Baked Goods, Pastured Pork (1/2 or whole) Apples, (3 products)
Cultiva Espresso & Crepes whole bean coffee (6 products)
Erstwhile Farm pasture pork, eggs from pasture chickens, organic grains, chemical free vegetables & fruits (43 products)
Farm Assist Highly Nutritious, Gluten Free, Vegan Gingerbread Men - not quite a cookie, made like bread with dry active yeast and superfoods. This moist, chewy br (1 product)
Garden Gate Greenhouse "All Natural" vegetable plants & herbs, including heirloom tomatoes, basil, stevia, parsley & more. Also carry a full line of bedding plants. Natur (28 products)
Good Farm White Pekin duck, locally hatched Jumbo Cornish Rock broiler chicken, fresh, free range eggs, fresh and organically raised herbs and vegetables (3 products)
Good Sip Coffee Company Fresh roasted, always organic, coffee producer. Roasted just before your pickup date, GUARANTEED FRESH! Located in Lincoln, Nebraska (32 products)
Gotta Get Some Goats Farm fresh eggs, goat milk products, crocheted items, butcher rabbits and occasionally we will accept orders for broilers. (3 products)
Grain Place Foods, Inc. Certified organic and non-GMO: whole grains, seeds, rolled whole grains, whole grain flours (51 products)
Heritage Harvest Home We use STRICTLY Heriloom seeds and plants. We choose to never use hybrid or GMO seeds. (106 products)
It's All About Bees Raw & liquid honey, varietal honeys, salsa & sauces, jam & jelly (both with honey and no sugar added), comb honey, pollen, beeswax, beeswax candles, a (92 products)
Johnson Hill Farm Pastured Chicken,Pastured Pork, Natural Beef, Vegetables, Fruits, (2 products)
L L Jacobsen Farm Grass fed beef from start to finish. Locally grown with no hormones or antibiotics (28 products)
Meadowlark Hearth organic seed, internships, training for Nebraska young people to go into organic seed growing. (2 products)
Michowa Acres Broiler Chickens, eggs (8 products)
Myrrhwood Farm all natural lamb, handmade cold processed essential oil soap. handspun wool yarns. (5 products)
Nebraska Food Cooperative Inc. Membership payment with shopping cart, gift certificates, donations, etc. (10 products)
North Star Neighbors Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Duck (54 products)
Prairie Pride Poultry chicken, poultry, hens, eggs, brown eggs, pasture raised, free range, cage free, humanely treated (5 products)
Quail Acres Farm roasting chicken, chicken eggs, chestnuts, white popcorn, vegetables. (2 products)
Scoby Soda Kombucha (5 products)
Sisters Five Soap and Lotion Works Goat's Milk Soap, Goat's Milk Lotions (45 products)
Soup-N-More Dehydrated soup mixes, fresh ground wheat flour, wheat-based mixes, cookies & cake mixes,dip mixes, stone ground flax meal, and flax meal mixes. (38 products)
Sunflower Acres Dental Soap,Shampoo Bars,Soap,Non GMO Seeds,Trees,Plants,Survial Stove,Calendula Oil,Lotion Bars,Deodorant,Natural Cleaner,Gluten Free Dog Treats (72 products)
The Darlin Reds Produce,herbs,eggs. (2 products)
Thistle Root Farm Grassfed lamb, free-range eggs, apples, other fruits & vegetables, and other items (2 products)
Together Inc. of Metropolitan Omaha Fresh Food Donations (4 products)
Wattermann Family Farm Heritage Turkeys, Jumbo Broilers, Freshly Ground Poultry Feed, Veggies (4 products)