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Al-Be Farm We began our foray into animal farming with our heritage chickens - Rhode Island Reds. This dual purpose breed is more commonly known for its brown eggs, but we raised cockerels. Our "chick-boys" were raised on non-GMO and transitional grain feed from W ...[read more] Heritage breed chickens; specialty fowl; chicken and quail eggs
America's Best Wagyu Americas Best Wagyu is a family owned American Wagyu / Kobe-style cattle and beef operation. We have a small herd of American Wagyu cattle that we breed, raise and feed to butcher. All our cattle are raised in a low stress environment, on a diet of select ...[read more] Wagyu Beef, Grass fed Beef, Grass Fed corn finished beef, corn fed beef, Kobe Style Beef, American Wagyu,
American Lean Beef, LLC Located in the heart of Nebraska, McIntyre Ranches emphasizes in raising quality grass fed Texas Longhorns. McIntyre Ranches was created in 1879 and developed into one of the leading cattle ranches in central Nebraska. In the last few years, we have ex ...[read more] 100% Grass Fed Lean Longhorn Beef
Back Alley Bakery Started in 2003 after building a wood fired masonry oven with hopes to bring back real bread made with natural and organic ingredients without preservatives. Artisan Sourdough Breads, Granola.
Beaver Valley Poultry My Daughter and I have always enjoyed our chicken flock and then one year she went with my class of 2nd graders on a field trip to a farm who supplied eggs commercially. After that she was hooked and the project began! We began fixing up old buildings w ...[read more] We want to thank all past supporters of Beaver Valley Poultry and welcome new clients. We always package our eggs in NEW cartons and flats so you will have the best eggs possible. Give us a try so you can see and taste the difference! Thank you so much for supporting our family business! Farm Fresh Eggs, Non-GMO Eggs, Free Range and Pasture Raised Eggs
Bluff Valley Farm Natural Meats We are a farm family with deep roots in agriculture. Our ancestors settled our farm in the 1860's and our children are the sixth generation to operate this land. Originally, conventional farmers, we felt the need to treat our land more sustainably and t ...[read more] Please watch our product listings for our "Holiday Turkeys" in the cycle prior to Thanksgiving. These are raised like our chickens on organic pasture and non-GMO grains. Naturally-grown beef, lamb, and free-range pastured poultry. Possibly free-range eggs, when available.
Branched Oak Farm LLC At Branched Oak Farm we care about the food we produce. After Doug married Krista and they moved to his farm in northwestern Lancaster County. We started raising hens for our own egg use. When we butchered our first steer, a neighbor asked to buy a qua ...[read more] This month's highlight is Krista's Little Camembert. A wonderful cheese for impressing your dinner guests, serving pie-shaped wedges of these bloomy-rinded rounds on hearty sourdough or baguette is like indulging in a slice of happiness. Artisan, farmstead cheeses, made from certified organic Jersey cow milk. Cheese varieties: quark, gouda, mozzarella, jarlsburger.
Clear Creek Organic Farms I have farmed for 30 years along the Cedar River. In 2006 we switched to organic production in order to produce healthier produce, meat and milk from our 80 cow dairy herd. We raise all our livestock on grass to increase the CLA's and the omega-3's avai ...[read more] a sale on the goat meat, flavored cheese and Christmas packages, flavored cheese, goat meat, vegetables, (radish, turnps, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower, peppers
Cook Grow Sew We have been market gardening for 2 years now after graduating from Community Crops Growing Farmers program. Our goal is to raise crops in a sustainable manner with practices that nurture the soil and beneficial insects. We refuse to use pesticides or c ...[read more] Seasonal Vegetables (over 40 varieties and majority are heirloom), Herbs, Dried Peppers and Apples, Baked Goods, Pastured Pork (1/2 or whole) Apples,
Copperstone Foods, LLC Copperstone Foods, LLC is a locally owned meat processing and snack food company. Our home office is in McCook, NE and our production facilities are in Eustis, NE. Snacks are marketed under the name "Rowdy's Snacks" and we offer everything from meat to ...[read more] Rowdy's Hard Tac (naturally dried summer sausage snack stick with HUGE flavor), Rowdy's Buffalo Stick, (all natural buffalo snack stick from the Water
DS Family Farm Pasture Grazed. 100% Grassfed Beef. Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grassfed by AGW.
Parents worry about what their kids are "really" eating. Have peace of mind with clean meat from pasture grazed animals.
Do ...[read more]
Pasture Grazed Beef (Certified Grassfed) and Pasture Polutry
Garcia Farms Welcome to Garcia Farms! We are a small family farm located in south, central Nebraska. We have been raising free-range, naturally-fed cattle, hogs and chickens for family, friends and neighbors for over 40 years. About 10 years ago, when my father r ...[read more] Free-Range, Naturally Raised Beef, Pork, Chicken. Natural Jelly, Jam, Salsa, Vegetables, Fruits, Berries
Grain Place Foods, Inc. Grain Place Foods is a cleaning/processing, packaging and manufacturing facility for certified organic whole grains and seeds. We are located near Marquette, on the Vetter family farm (The Grain Place) - Don Vetter started farming organically in 1953 and ...[read more] Certified organic and non-GMO: whole grains, seeds, rolled whole grains, whole grain flours
Italian Fusion I developed my own brand of Italian Dressing/Dry Seasoning for my own family but when friends tried it, they went crazy over it. We have found and are still finding many uses for both the dressing and the dry seasoning. The dressing/marinade can be used ...[read more] Italian dressing/marinade/sandwich sauce Italian dry seasoning/rub
Jumpy Monkey Coffee Jumpy Monkey Coffee is a roaster with a heart. For the past 13 years, we have embraced the mission to provide meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. We work with a number of non-profit agencies across the Midwest who use our coffee to p ...[read more] Coffee
Lewis Produce We are a small Farmer's Market produce operation near Orleans, NE. We grow a variety of crops on several acres of land, and in our two high-tunnel greenhouses. Our goal is to raise healthful food for ourselves and your family at a reasonable cost. Tomatoes, Onions, Potatoes, Green Beans, Radishes, Lettuce, Beets, Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Sweet Corn, Cucumbers, Swiss Chard, Spinach,
Looking Glass Farms I started raising meat and produce to provide my family with healthy food. pasture raised chicken, pork, jams, jelly, fruit syrups.
Meadowlark Hearth Grew up in Scottsbluff, left for 37 years to learn about organic and bidoyanic (R) farming. Determined to make sure our farm became a resource adhering to organic/biodynamic farming, we certified it by 2009 and returned then to take on the operation in 20 ...[read more] organic seed, internships, training for Nebraska young people to go into organic seed growing.
Miller Omega Beef I became interested in omega 3 beef after learning how much healthier beef could be to eat. I talked to Dr. Jim Drouillard from Kansas State. He did research and developed a technique that enriched ground beef with omega 3 fatty acid, which reduces heart ...[read more] Omega 3 Angus Beef
Nebraska City Berry Group Organically grown Aronia Berries Berries, Aronia
Nebraska Food Cooperative Inc. By setting ourselves up as a producer on the website, the Co-op itself can offer items for sale, as well as a method for folks to make donations and purchase gift certificates. Contact us if you have ideas for other items the Co-op should offer! Membership payment with shopping cart, gift certificates, donations, etc. Our bison meat products are naturally raised on our two bison ranches. We produce healthy, strong bison to provide top quality, premium bison meat products. Bison are raised without growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. bison (buffalo) meat
New Morning Farm I (Angela) have suffered from eczema and respiratory allergies since I was a child. As I have grown older, those allergies have gotten worse. My children have suffered from the same problems. This led to a very unscented lifestyle. I started making go ...[read more] Goat milk soap, Goat milk lotion
Oak Ridge Farms Hydroponics, LLC We currently have a two bay hydroponic system which contains special trays for growing lettuce. We started this business because it would add value to our small farm, provide a part-time work place for family members and to provide fresh local food to ou ...[read more] Bibb Lettuce
Ogallala Natural Beef We are a small family ranch, located in northern Perkins County, 8 miles south of Ogallala. The cattle we raise are Scottish Highlanders crossed with either Angus or Hereford. The native grasses we graze are the same grasses grazed during the glory da ...[read more] 100% Pasture Raised, Grass Finished, Natural raised, Lean Beef
Santa Martha Cafe The hardworking coffee farming community of eighty-nine households in Santa Martha de Loma Azul, Nicaragua is in need of your support. Santa Martha lacks clean drinking water, proper sanitation, ventilated cooking, and electricity. Most inhabitants curren ...[read more] Going to Nicaragua March 31 - April 7th 2016 to source beans from this growing season. Whole Bean Coffee, Ground Coffee
Sunflower Acres
I have finally found one name for everything that I make, and grow. Since the Sunflowers were here when we bought the land, it is only right to call it Sunflower Acres.

I am determined to make everything we use on a daily basis out of natu ...[read more]
SPECIALS!Shampoo Bars,Soap,Seeds,Magnesium Oil,Mini Stove,Calendula Oil,Lotion Bars,Deodorant,Natural Cleaner,Dog Treats
Wauneta Roller Mills Wauneta Roller Mills was founded in 1925 by Bert Maxfield in Wauneta, Nebraska. It was owned and operated for over eighty years by three generations of the Maxfield family. The Einspahr family purchased the mill in 2012, continuing the mill’s long ...[read more] Baker's Flour, Unbleached Flour, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb cloth bags, Pancake Mix, Creme Cake Mix