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2017 Nebraska Food Cooperative Registration

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Nebraska Food Cooperative. Nebraska Food Cooperative customers and producers are interested in local foods and products produced with sustainable practices that demonstrate good stewardship of the environment. To become a member, please read the Member Information Statement (beginning on page 4), and then complete the following information and click submit.

If you are already a member, please sign in here. Otherwise fill out the form below to become a member. Required fields are shown with an asterisk (*)

Section 1: General Information
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NOTE: Invoice Name can be edited. It will be used to route your order and should be easily tracable to you. It could be the common form of your name like "Alf Jones" instead of "Alfred Jones". If preferred, your Business Name may be used for the Invoice Name.
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Section 4: Membership Type
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Voting Member
$100.00 for one share of common stock — plus $20.00 annual fee thereafter, waived the first year.
Non-voting Member
$40.00 annual non-voting member fee.
No membership fee but $6.00 visitor fee will be added to each order.
Visitors are not be permitted to sell through NFC until upgrading to an annually-paid membership option.
Free Trial
Order once for free and choose a regular membership option with your second order. NOTE: Your first order will begin when you open your shopping basket.
Free trial memberships are not permitted to sell through NFC.
Section 5: Additional Information
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YES! I‘m interested in volunteering to help Nebraska Food Cooperative.
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