Join NFC

Our on-line application process is simple. In order to shop, order, and receive food, we need to know who you are, where you live and – since we are an on-line food cooperative – your e-mail address.

There are currently four membership types:

  • Voting member: Membership cost is $100 for the first year + $20/year thereafter
  • Non-voting member: Membership cost is $40.00 per year
  • Visitor: For infrequent orders, pay only $6.00 per order
  • Free Trial:€“ Order once for free (you still pay for the food)

Everyone who participates must be a member. Every producer must be either a  Voting or Non-voting member; they may not be Visitors or Free Trial members.

All new members should fill out the NEW MEMBER APPLICATION to begin initiate membership. Those who also wish to sell through NFC should either continue on to the PRODUCER APPLICATION (after submitting the new member form) or apply later from a link in the member page, after logging in.

Membership payments will be added to the first order, so there is no need to make any separate payment arrangement.

GIFT MEMBERSHIP are also available. You don’t need to be an NFC member to buy someone a gift membership in the cooperative or help them with one of their orders.

CHANGE YOUR MEMBERSHIP TYPE: There are two ways to change your membership type. You can wait until time to renew your membership, then choose a different type for renewal. Otherwise (particularly if you have a membership type that never expires) you will need to log in and go to your Member Panel. Then choose the [change] option near the “Membership Type” or follow the link at the top of this paragraph.

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