MailPoet Subscriptions

As an online organization, it is important that we be able to communicate effectively with members through the NFC Customers list. We require members to remain subscribed to the list and we make an effort to keep email volumes low. NFC reserves the right to discontinue the membership for any member who is not subscribed to the NFC Customers mailing list.

For the same reason, we require producers to remain subscribed to the NFC Producers list so that they will receive important announcements about order fulfillment and related business. Optionally, customers may also join the NFC Producers list if they desire.

Please select Status = Subscribed below and check the appropriate box(es). The First name below corresponds to the Preferred name in your membership profile. We do not use the Last name field.

NOTE: Because our shopping software is not 100% compatible with our mailing list, changing your name or email address in the membership profile might not update the mailing list . Please let us know if you experience this problem and we will work to resolve it for you.

Subscription management form is only available to mailing lists subscribers.

If a form is not shown above, you will need to be logged in to use this page to sign up for a mailing list or to modify your mailing list preferences.