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Ogallala Natural Beef

About Ogallala Natural Beef:

We are a small family ranch, located in northern Perkins County, 8 miles south of Ogallala. The cattle we raise are Scottish Highlanders crossed with either Angus or Hereford. The native grasses we graze are the same grasses grazed during the glory days of the cattle drives to the rail heads of Nebraska. Our ranch shares ground with an organic farmer. We provide fertility to his organic operation through intensive grazing of his cover crops forage. (This means the plant never reaches a seed stage.) The cattle always get the best available forage that the ranch/farm has to offer. We don't just turn animals out in spring and gather them in the fall. We move the cattle daily to the best forages, which in turn increases flavor and consistency.

General Practices:

Our cattle are always on grasses or cover crops, never in a lot. We DO NOT use Hormones, Antibiotics, GMO's, Pesticides, Herbicides with the cattle. Pastures, either! When grazing we look at the operation as a whole, using cattle to improve poorer areas of the ranch through mob grazing (high stocking rates) and long rest periods. We strive to create a balance with crop production, where two out of seven years the land can be in crop production with no need for fertilizers or chemicals of any kinds.

Product Types:

100% Pasture Raised, Grass Finished, Natural raised, Lean Beef
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