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Hastreiter Farms

About Hastreiter Farms:

Hastreiter Farms is a small local farm in the Madison, Nebraska/Norfolk, Nebraska area. We have been in operation as a chicken farm since 2019. While we are not an organic farm, we strive to be as close to organic as possible. We believe in doing what is right by our animals and our customers. All of our chickens (broilers and hens alike), turkeys, and ducks are allowed to free range as they are able given our Nebraska weather. Egg number N-6351.

Our happy hens are responsibly raised in a kind, humane environment and fed a diet rich in Omega-3. Omega-3 (derived from flax seed) is an essential fatty acid required by our bodies and obtained through our diets. Our eggs have up to 250 mg of Omega-3 per egg versus a store-bought egg which typically has 50 mg of Omega-3.
Why Omega-3?
*Protection against heart disease and stroke
*Builds healthy brain cells
*Helps lower blood pressure
*May play a role in cancer prevention
*May reduce depression
*May improve rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and eczema
From:"Omega-3 Fatty Acids: An Essential Contribution." The Nutrition Source, Harvard School of Public Health, 22 May 2019.

General Practices:

Free range, no soy meal (eggs only), feed does not contain animal by-products. Our animals are processed on-site in our state inspected facility. All eggs are wash, candled, and sorted by weight. We strive to use recyclable packaging whenever and wherever feasible.


Omega-3, No Soy meal (eggs only)

Product Types:

chicken, eggs, omega-3 eggs, breasts, legs, thighs, tenders, necks, gizzards, livers, feet, whole chicken, half chicken, cut-up chicken
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