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Clear Creek Organic Farms

About Clear Creek Organic Farms:

I have farmed for 30 years along the Cedar River. In 2006 we switched to organic production in order to produce healthier produce, meat and milk from our 80 cow dairy herd. We raise all our livestock on grass to increase the CLA's and the omega-3's available for health conscious people and their families. A study conducted by the human nutrition department at the University of Nebraska. In the study, grass fed meat compared with grain fed meat had
� lower crude fat content, 13.1% compared to 16.7%
� higher amounts of Omega-3's, in fact twelve times higher
� much more CLA's, 7.4 mg/g fat compared to non detectable amounts in grain-fed meat

General Practices:

We do organic production on all of our acres and livestock.

Product Types:

flavored cheddar based cheeses, vegetables, (A to Z) grass fed/finished beef, pastured, SOY-FREE pork, pastured poultry
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Meats & Poultry Beef - Grassfed and Finished

Clear Creek Organic Farms

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CHANGED 19 days ago
7867 1 Cull cow **quarter** (50 to 60 pounds of ground beef)
$8.00 / pound All Natural frozen
With this order you are getting ground beef from an older animal that is no longer productive. She will be processed in our own on-farm, state-inspected facility in her own environment. One hundred per cent of the animal will be ground. (minus the internal organs, ox-tail and tongue) If you would like these items please leave a note and we will do our best to get them to you. Also the marrow bones. We are selling these animals by the actual pounds of ground beef from your quarter.

Why is this a good deal:

1. With an older animal the meat has had time to become more flavorful, whether it is a beef, pork or chicken.

2. “processed in our on-farm, state-inspected meat processing facility.” Benefits of this: She will be butchered in her own environment with no stress, another meat quality advantage.

3. Most lockers hang their carcasses 14 to 21 days. We like to grind them within 3 to 5 days, giving the meat a fresher taste and with ground it does not interfere with the tenderness.

4. "One hundred per cent of the animal ground." All the finer cuts along with the traditional trim will be ground to give you a more flavorful, and leaner meat. (High 90's)

5. This animal has had no grains, vaccines, or hormone shots.

6. You will be billed for the number of pounds of ground beef. This way you know exactly how much per pound you will be paying. The internal organs, tongue, marrow bones and ox-tail will be free. (providing they are good upon inspection)
Order number of quarter beefs. You will be billed for exact weight (between 40.00 and 60.00 pounds)