Ordering through NFC

Current Orders

Order cycles usually run over a few weeks for customers to order products. For each order window we set a goal for total sales. Watch the “Cycle Goal” bar chart/progress bar (top right portion of our webpage). When we are well below meeting our goal, we will extend the closing date. We will keep you notified of our progress through our email list.

IMPORTANT: Reminder: Ordering is a multi-step process to confirm your order, pleaser review the following simple steps:

  1. Click on the product to order (sometimes you will need to click the browser “refresh” option to order additional products on the same page).
  2. After ordering, navigate to Shopping Panel – View Current Basket. In your Customer Basket, please click the yellow button [Checkout this item].
  3. The button will change to red and read [Again to confirm…], you must click one last time to confirm the order.
  4. Finally, the button will change to gray/green and read [CHECKED OUT]. Congratulations, your order is ready for further processing.

Baskets that are not checked before closing time will risk be emptied. So please be sure to check out your basket no later than the closing Sunday at 8:00 PM.

We will make an effort to send a reminder email and a text message to the mobile phone number of members with open shopping baskets on Sundays before closing. Please ensure your email address and phone numbers are up to date so we can contact you (go to your Member Panel and Update My Contact Information).

Please watch the newsletter for updates on best shopping practices. If you are not already receiving it, we encourage you to sign up for the newsletter here.

How NFC’s online farmer’s market works…

We are ultimately a volunteer cooperative, which is the best kind of community collaboration where members chip in with the workload and everyone benefits. From the local farmers and ranchers to the admin staff, site coordinators and our members, we all choose to…

Eat Local – Eat Fresh – Eat Healthily

NFC runs regular buying cycles. Our co-op is technology driven so, our website allows you to buy the best food from a Nebraska producer that can be miles away.

Buying cycles close at 8:00 PM on Sunday. Then producers weigh and sort your order and the system prepares your invoice. Early Tuesday morning we start picking up your orders, and by Wednesday, they are delivered to your chosen pick-up site. The site manager will tuck your order away in the freezer ready for your collection. It’s important that you remember to pay for your order online before you collect your order.

Simple – Easy – Efficient

You might need to put a bit more thought into your orders and meal plans because local does mean seasonal, but it’s worth it when you realize just how fresh your food is. Remember, we are a click or DM away, so just reach out to us!

NFC Team.