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Good Farm

About Good Farm:

Johnathan works as a rural advocate and Leah in education, but both spend every morning, night, and weekend outside on the farm. We love it. We've each lived rural almost our entire lives and finally found a great place to start our small business in Central Burt County.

We have spent a considerable amount of time around corporate agriculture and realize, like most NFC producers, that it's up to us to provide safe, sustainable, and locally made goods to our community. We're glad to be new NFC members and look forward to meeting both producers and consumers throughout Nebraska.

General Practices:

All of our chickens and ducks are cage-free and free-range. Our vegetables and herbs are grown organically. We start our own seeds, and the only treatment used throughout the process is an annual application of manure harvested from our own livestock.

Each item we produce is naturally raised. Our animals are hormone and antibiotic free, and fed organic and transitional grains. Our produce is grown without chemicals or commercial fertilizers.


New to Good Farm: White Pekin ducks. Place your order today!

Good Farm Ducks are back. They're a bit larger this year than last year, and just as delicious as before. These ducks weigh between 5 and 8 pounds. They're fed all organic and transitional feed, and are of course pastured and all natural. We received a lot of compliments last year, and requests for more, so be sure to put your order in soon. They are a great alternative to the Thanksgiving turkey and a tasty way to bring the family together for something new.


Product Types:

Locally hatched Jumbo Cornish Rock broiler chicken, free range eggs, pastured Berkshire pork, grassfed Angus beef.
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Meats & Poultry Beef - Grassfed and Finished

Good Farm

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8380 1 Grass-fed Beef Herd Share
$6.50 / share All Natural frozen
The Nebraska Legislature passed LB 324 during the 2021 legislative session. This bill allows consumers to purchase small quantities of meat processed in a custom exempt facility directly from the producer. This is an excellent option for farmers who do not have access to a facility with a full-time USDA inspector onsite, and for consumers who do not have freezer space for a whole, half, or quarter beef.

Purchasing a Beef Herd Share makes you a part owner of the animal. This ownership entitles you to as much or as little of the meat processed from that animal. You will work with the producer to decide which cuts you would like and how much. Once that information is in place, a final bill of sale is developed.

This Beef Herd Share will be used for a steer scheduled to be processed August 27th at Oakland Processing.
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