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Anoka-Butte Lumber Company - Marlowe Farms

About Anoka-Butte Lumber Company - Marlowe Farms:

Farming and ranching north of Anoka has been a life long dream of mine. Fall of 2003 I made the move to this farm which I bought from a close family friend. My grandfather grew up in the town of Anoka which sits two miles south of here. My family ran the Anoka-Butte Lumber Company in Anoka and Butte from 1936-1993. Restarting the lumber company is another dream of mine and is the inspiration for my farm's name. While I am not currently selling lumber I do have a complete woodshop available and will produce custom wood products. While it is not a perfect science I am trying to farm and ranch sustainably. My farm is a grass farm. I don't do any plowing. The only tillage is for a garden and what rooting the hogs do. My farm is subdivided into four main paddocks which are in turn subdivided into smaller paddocks to more effectively manage the grass and the grazing. I'm dedicated to furthering my knowledge of sustainable agriculture and grass management. I attend conferances, pasture walks, read and I have also been published myself in the Stockman Grass Farmer. I've had many compliments on my pork products and no complaints. By purchasing my pork products you are acquiring a high quality natural and environmentally friendly food for your family at a reasonable price. You are also making it possible for me to continue to not only farm and ranch sustainably but to continue to innovate. Please order, and order often! Thank you, Christopher A. Marlowe Please visit

General Practices:

Rotational grazing.

Product Types:

Natural and free range pork. Whole hogs. Natural feeder pigs. Woodshop.
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