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Miller Omega Beef

About Miller Omega Beef:

I became interested in omega 3 beef after learning how much healthier beef could be to eat. I talked to Dr. Jim Drouillard from Kansas State. He did research and developed a technique that enriched ground beef with omega 3 fatty acid, which reduces heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.Coming this fall 2016 my beef will have DHA & EPA.
In (Nov 2016) I started to add probiotics and prebiotic in my cattle diet which eliminates up to 80â„… of salmonella bacteria in the meat when processed which makes my meat the healthiest and safest meat to eat. Website (

General Practices:

One thing about my roasts is that you need to cook it 1 to 2 hours less than a normal roast cause of the omega 3 in it.


Grounded flaxseed

Product Types:

Omega 3 Angus Beef
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