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Pasture2 Table Farm

About Pasture2 Table Farm:

Pasture2 Table Farm focuses on regenerative agriculture through pasture raised chicken, ducks, and eggs.

The crazy idea came to me when I was enrolled at West Point Military Academy. I decided school was not for me, and I really like this idea of farming using regenerative practices. So at the end of that semester I dropped everything and interned on a ranch.
After that internship I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska where I started my first year of raising broilers and a few layers.
Now myself and my lovely wife, Abbey are farming in Raymond where we raise pastured chicken, ducks, and eggs.

General Practices:

All of our animals get rotated regularly to new, fresh pasture.
No smell, no dirt lots, no mud.


Pastured Chicken: 25% Pasture grass, 75% transitional, organic, and non-gmo feed, sunshine, bugs, happiness.
Pastured layers: 75% pasture grass, bugs, 25% feed for energy.

Product Types:

Pastured Chicken: WholePastured EggsPastured ChickenPastured
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