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Pasture2 Table Farm

About Pasture2 Table Farm:

Pasture2 Table Farm focuses on regenerative agriculture through pasture raised chicken, eggs, and pork.

The crazy idea came to me when I was enrolled at West Point Military Academy. I decided school was not for me, and I really like this idea of farming using regenerative practices. So at the end of that semester I dropped everything and interned on a ranch.
After that internship I moved to Linicoln, Nebraska where I started my first year of raising broilers and a few layers.
Now me and my lovely fiance Abbey are farming in Raymond where we raise pastured chicken, eggs, and pork.

General Practices:

All of our animals get rotated regularly to new, fresh pasture.
No smell, no dirt lots, no mud.


-3 grain free pigs left for pre-order.


Pastured Chicken: 25% Pasture grass, 75% transitional, organic, and non-gmo feed, Sunshine, bugs, happiness.
Pastured layers: 75% pasture grass, bugs, 25% corn for energy
Pastured pork: 100% pasture, roots, bugs, GRAIN-FREE.

Product Types:

Pastured Chicken: WholePastured EggsPastured Whole Guinea Hog: 100+/- pounds hanging weightPastured dehydrated animal treats: Chicken feet, necks, hearts, gizzards, livers.
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Pasture2 Table Farm

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8032 3 Pastured golden yolk eggs
$6.18 / Dozen All Natural refrigerated
Pasture2 Table pastured layers spend their lives foraging, hunting bugs, sunbathing, dust bathing. You know, being chickens. From dusk until dawn they have total free reign to do what their little chicken hearts desire.
In the mean time they lay some outstanding golden yolked eggs that we sure do enjoy.
Order number of Dozen.