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Al-Be Farm

About Al-Be Farm:

We began our foray into animal farming with our heritage chickens - Rhode Island Reds. We now raise a wider variety of heritage breeds, determining which perform best in our situation. Because we have lots of predators, including the neighbor's dog and our own dog, we keep them in a chicken tractor, so they are not truly free-range birds. We chose these heritage breed birds to raise due to their flavor and to support diversity in agriculture. If you want to learn more about heritage breeds, go to Heritage chickens take longer to reach "market weight" than modern broilers and, therefore, are not as tender as the chicken we are accustomed to cooking today. This means we have to relearn some of the techniques our parents and grandparents knew. Here is a link to information for cooking with heritage meat birds: We also have raised ringneck pheasant and various types of quail, using the same practices as for the heritage breed chickens. Additionally, we have laying quail (give quail eggs a try - we love them!) and are foraging various plants on our acreage. We use ethical foraging practices. We welcome any feedback you have for us!

General Practices:

Our birds are regularly moved to fresh pasture and fed non-GMO grain-based feed from Nebraska farmers. This feed is non-medicated and we do not use antibiotics unless required for the health of the animal.

Product Types:

Heritage breed chickens; specialty fowl; chicken and quail eggs
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Al-Be Farm

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8349 4 Chicken eggs
$6.63 / dozen All Natural refrigerated
White, brown and occasional blue or green chicken eggs from our pastured birds. We do not sort our eggs by size, so your dozen may include a variety of sizes as well as colors.

Our birds are pastured, but do not free range, due to heavy predator pressure. During winter, they are still in their mobile coops, but under cover to provide wind and snow protection. We feed organic grain-based feed from Wagon Wheel Farm near Bruno, Nebraska. Please note that this feed includes soybean meal.

Our egg number is N-3945.
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