NFC Operations

Following is a list of operations that keep our cooperative running smoothly:

  • welcome new members into the cooperative
  • collect customer payments
  • follow up with customers regarding late payments 
  • communicate business-related information
  • investigate and resolve missing and/or damaged orders
  • set the cycle calendar
  • write local food-related blogs/articles
  • approve and post blogs/articles
  • send notices of cycle opening and closing dates
  • set up new customer pickup sites
  • attend marketing events and trade shows
  • manage social media
  • manage email marketing
  • manage group email databases
  • provide marketing help and guidance to producers
  • provide external marketing for producers and products
  • set up new producers
  • approve new products for listing
  • refer anonymous calls about particular products to relevant producers
  • provide liability insurance for producers
  • provide virtual aggregation of products for large orders
  • maintain federal compliance with the FSMA
  • provide emergency transport when vehicle issues arise
  • manage vehicle repairs
  • manage cycle logistics
  • handle payroll and producer payments
  • collect and submit sales taxes
  • handle income taxes, unemployment taxes, payroll taxes, and workmans’ compensation
  • run website that provides a statewide marketplace
  • improve the website with new features and functionality
  • promote local food in Nebraska
  • seek out new markets for products
  • seek out institutional buyers for products
  • provide training classes
  • provide social activities
  • act as a liaison with other food cooperatives
  • and there is much more NFC would do, if we had the human resources

5 Replies to “NFC Operations”

  1. A Google volunteer spreadsheet is something other non-profits make, so maybe this could be used for the signing up of people for each task.
    I like to edit/read documents so maybe I could review & help “approve and post blogs/articles”. I am not familiar with the process of posting, though. There are other areas I may be able to help, but it was not clear if this comment area is for that.

  2. I am willing to offer a small amount of time, once a week, for a few hours. From home would work best, handling questions, welcoming customers, promoting local food, maybe a blog or article re a recent item I ordered and enjoyed, including the recipe, etc. My best area to help is likely with communications, not good with financials or much driving.

  3. Hi. I have been a member of the co-op off and on over several years. My professional background is in journalism and public relations, although now I’m a full-time artist. I could write food-related blog posts and approve posts by others. I also could contribute to email marketing efforts and social media posts. I don’t want to do *all* these things, but these are the areas where I could easily pitch in. Please let me know whether you need a more formal application, but to get a sense of my writing style, you can check out the blog pages on my web site, I use social media — primarily Facebook and Instagram — and you can find me there at and I’ll look forward to hearing from you [email removed by admin]. Cheers!

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