Order Cycle Shortens


Starting with the December 2014 cycle, NFC is SHORTENING its ORDER cycle….


Sunday morning through the following Sunday 6 PM,


Wednesday morning through Sunday, 3 PM
Effective Order Cycle:  Wednesday, December 10 – Sunday, December 14, 3 PM

Closing time for the cycle has been moved up to 3 pm (central time) to give our producers more time to fill your order.

So remember, whatever is in your basket at 3:00 Sunday is considered a purchase.

A calendar with the new 2015 cycle dates will be published in the December newsletter and soon on NFC’s home page.

Customer pick-ups the following week will remain the same.

Producer pick-ups may change slightly to accommodate our central route. More producer information will be communicated via the regular Producer Notes email from the general manager.

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