1st Order Window 2022

Our first order window for 2022 will close 8:00 PM February 6th.

Thank you to all our great members who have ordered product to help us reach our goal.

Welcome to our newest producer Hastreiter Farms, a small local farm in the Madison Nebraska area.

For a complete listing of all our great producers currently listing products for sale visit:

NE Food Coop Producer List

NE Food Coop Annual Meeting Notice

Nebraska Food Coop Members,
The Nebraska Food Coop will hold our 2021 Annual Meeting December 1, 7:00 PM utilizing an On-Line format.
If you are a member in good standing, the On-Line Meeting information for Dec. 1 at 7:00 PM meeting may be obtained by directly emailing: gm@nebraskafood.org. Please send an email to gm@nebraskafood.org and request the meeting information to join.

Agenda Items:
1. Introduction Nebraska Food Coop Board
2. Members who are attending say hello and tell us one good thing about the coop and one you would like to change.
3. Discuss the Website design and function. Any suggestions
4. 2021 Supplemental Cooperative Business Development Mini-Grant Program for $2,500 through Nebraska Cooperative Development Center for planning and marketing.
5. Findings from contacting Grow Nebraska. Membership can vote if NFC should join Grow Nebraska as a member?
6. Give a brief summary of how we run the transportation. Explain the decision to run the order when it reaches $5,000.00.
7. Where do we go from here? What items can members help out with.
8. Any other new business and adjourn

November 14th Order Window Closes

The Food Coop Member Order Window will close November 14th, at 8:00 PM. Even if we have not reached our order goal of $5000 in sales, we will close on November 14th. This will allow our producers to get items to our customers before Thanksgiving Day!
Since it is taking a couple months for our orders to reach our goal, please plan to purchase items for Christmas. So order your food items for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas NOW to be delivered the week of November 14th.
Thank You

Order Window Extended…

Since we were far from reaching our order window goal of $5000, the current order window has been extended. The current order window is now scheduled to close November 7th, Sunday, at 8 PM. Please help us reach our goal so we can close this order cycle and get product out in mid-November.
Thank You

August 1, 2021 Update

Thank you to all our great members for making excellent progress towards reaching the August 15th order window goal of $5,000 in orders. We have nearly reached our goal!

The August order window will close on August 15th at 8 PM.
Please verify that your items are “CHECKED OUT” prior to 8 PM on Sunday August 15th.

Thank You

June 27, 2021 Update

The August 2021 Order Window will Tentatively close on Sunday August 15th (8 PM).

Help us reach our goal of $5,000 sales of Local Nebraska Food items listed by our Food Coop Producers!

If for some reason we do not reach our goal by August 15th we will let our customers know through our email list and right here in our “Recent Update” section of the website.

We will confirm the closing date about 2 weeks ahead of time so customers, site coordinators and producers are sure of our delivery schedule. This will give our vegetable producers time to list products based on a solid closing date.

Letter from NFC Board – February 9, 2021

Nebraska Food Coop Members, Producers and Friends:

The current NFC Board would like to THANK YOU for your past and continued support of “Nebraska’s Online Farmers’ Market.” We are anxious to start serving you again and recently opened our first 2021 cycle to close on Sunday March 14th, with deliveries that week.

At this time, as the coronavirus continues to be part of all our lives. Having a secure supply of local foods is more important than ever. Supporting our local farmer helps keep our food supply secure and available.

With the recent resignation of our past President Roy, due to Caryl’s health care needs, we would like to thank Roy and Caryl for their unwavering support of NFC over the past many years. You may want to review Roy’s recent resignation email for additional information.

During this transition in NFC coordination, we would like our Nebraska food community to know the current Board is committed to the original Mission of NFC:

To foster a local food community and promote a culture of stewardship by cultivating farmer-consumer relationships, promoting the enjoyment of healthful food, increasing food security through diversity, and enhancing overall rural sustainability.

As we open our first cycle of 2021, if you have any questions or would be interested in finding out how you could help move NFC forward in this new year, please contact the Board.

Liz Sarno, President
Johnathan Hladik, Secretary
Doug Garrison, Treasure
(email: gm@nebraskafood.org)

Important Message from the NFC Board President

January 19, 2021

As you may have noticed, there has not been an NFC cycle since Thanksgiving. As the primary person responsible for running NFC operations for the last two years, the disruption of NFC services has more to do with me personally than the state of the cooperative.

Unfortunately, I need to fully transfer time from my NFC responsibilities to care for my wife, Caryl, who has terminal cancer with only months left. This has been a challenging time for our family, and I want NFC to prosper despite my personal situation.

Therefore – effective immediately, I am resigning from my board position as NFC president and from all activities in regards to NFC. The current board members (Doug Garrison, Johnathan Hladik, and Liz Sarno) will now determine when to open and close order cycles, as well as be the primary contacts for NFC operations for the interim. It will be their job to determine the direction of NFC.

At this time, we have the following additional information:

  • The board has expressed interest in hiring a part-time operations person to oversee the cooperative. If you are interested in such a position, or if you are interested in providing partial support, please email manager@nebraskafood.org.
  • The next cycle will be opened when the board decides it is time.
  • We missed announcing and holding an annual NFC meeting in the fall of 2020. So the board will determine how/when to move forward with that legal requirement.
  • With my departure, the board will be short two members. Anyone interested in participating on the board should contact Liz by phone (402-309-0944) to discuss. Becoming a board member is only open to “voting” members, but anyone can become a voting member with the purchase of a single share of stock for $100. It is a great opportunity to participate in visioning the future of NFC.

Thank you for your support and patronage of the Nebraska Food Cooperative, Nebraska’s Online Farmers’ Market. I wish the best for the continuation of the NFC.

Best Regards,
Roy Guisinger
NFC Board President (resigning)