Letter from NFC Board – February 9, 2021

Nebraska Food Coop Members, Producers and Friends:

The current NFC Board would like to THANK YOU for your past and continued support of “Nebraska’s Online Farmers’ Market.” We are anxious to start serving you again and recently opened our first 2021 cycle to close on Sunday March 14th, with deliveries that week.

At this time, as the coronavirus continues to be part of all our lives. Having a secure supply of local foods is more important than ever. Supporting our local farmer helps keep our food supply secure and available.

With the recent resignation of our past President Roy, due to Caryl’s health care needs, we would like to thank Roy and Caryl for their unwavering support of NFC over the past many years. You may want to review Roy’s recent resignation email for additional information.

During this transition in NFC coordination, we would like our Nebraska food community to know the current Board is committed to the original Mission of NFC:

To foster a local food community and promote a culture of stewardship by cultivating farmer-consumer relationships, promoting the enjoyment of healthful food, increasing food security through diversity, and enhancing overall rural sustainability.

As we open our first cycle of 2021, if you have any questions or would be interested in finding out how you could help move NFC forward in this new year, please contact the Board.

Liz Sarno, President
Johnathan Hladik, Secretary
Doug Garrison, Treasure
(email: gm@nebraskafood.org)

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